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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  December 4, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EST

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in asia and so deep in debt at a precious opportunity to put down the shovel but chose instead to keep digging. pick your poison. -ither way this great country is dead. call it the washington inquisitions. we are getting ripped apart. tomorrow the governor that disagrees and pat buchanan david: money with melissa francis is next. >> i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. republicans laid their cards on the table unveiling their fiscal cliff counteroffer to president obama. does it actually have a chance though? will the president and congressional democrats just blow it right out of the sky? we'll break it all down. plus the mississippi river in crisis. water levels dropped to historic lows threatening to bring commercial traffic to a halt and spike food prices. have you even heard about this? the head of one mississippi barge operator joins us
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whether a disaster can still be avoided. would you sublet your name for an entire year? a bidding war breaks t for e right to one man's name. he is here to explain his bold idea and how he is cashing in. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: first let egg look at the day's market headlines. concern over the fiscal cliff bleeding into the u.s. manufacturing sector. factory activity in november declined for the first time in three months. the news weighted down stocks helping shed 59 points off the dow the raw materials sector hit hard by the contraction in manufacturing. shares of dupont were the biggest loser closing down 2%. dell getting golden endorsement from goldman sachs today. the investment bank upgraded
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the strugglining computer-maker saying the stk has been ovso. the dell shares rose by 4% overhat news. to ourtop story tonight, speaker boehner and house republicans are rolling out eir fiscal cliff counteroffer to the white house. includes $800 billio in new tax revenue. that is roughly half what the president was aiming for. 300 billion in dcretionary spending cuts. 900 billion in mandatory spending cuts. now the whi house responding just moments ago saying quote, the republican letter released today does not meet the test of balance. they don't like it. i'm joined by da mitch chill from the cato institute for more on this. dan what do you think. these are a lot of things to occur just in the past few hours. do you feel like ere is progress being made? >> there is progress but progress in the wrong direction. the number on thing to understand alrdy even if all the tax cuts were made permanent, tax revenues projected to grow by 6.2% a
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year. so what they're really debating about how much should it grow even faster than that in order to enable bigger government. 100% of our fiscal problem is on the spending side. obama is being very inflexible on that. republicans i'm afraid will get taken to the cleaners just what happened in 1990 when read myips. melissa: would you rather we went over the fiscal cliff? >> compared to what obama's talking about, the fiscal cliff might be better because obama not only wants soak the rich tax increases that would automatically happen, he then wants additional taxes on top of that would be very bad for american competitiveness. we don't want to send jobs to china and india but almost as if obama wants to do that. at least if w went over the cliff, we would get the sequester, which is the budget wonk term for automatic reductions in the growth of spending. melissa: absolutely but i'm not sure republicans are giving in as much as you think. ifou drill down on the details, as soon as i saw 800 billion in new x revenue, my immediate
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question did they give on the point of marginal rat d from the language it doesn't look like. more a tax code basically closes loopholes. they employ all the euphemisms to say you will get rid of deductions. sounds like that is where the 800 billion in new revenue isoming from. they didn't give on marginal rates at all. >> that is good news but only good news in the nse we're not traveling as fast in the wrong direction. you're talking about giving more money to the least competent pele in america, the politicians in washington. you're talking about giving them the extra money so they could have bigger government. the fact that they're taking that money frommus in a less bad way i suppose that is good news but we're still taking one step after another in the wrong direction. at the end of that journey the destination is greece or spain or italy. melissa: right. >> we have t figure out how to get control of intitlements. the while house refuses to have adult conversation about that. melia: neither of these proposals, neither side gets
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us closer to closing the enormous gap you're talkin about. i say over and over again and if this was your household and bills were so far out of line with what the revenue was you could get very serious very quickly. these people do not seem to do that. for republicans is it looking more and more palatable to go over the cliff at this point? >> depends on how dogmatic obama is. like selling a car on craig's list and put it up for 5,000 and really take 4500. someone offers you 4,000. this is classic negotiating. we have to be serious. this isn't just a game. we're not playing poker on a thursday night. if we don't get fix ou fiscal problem, by the way to give republicans credit, i just don't want to attack them, they passed the ryan budget earlier this year and st year and that actually does contain real entitlement reform. but on the other hand --. melissa: but didn't go anywhere from there. you say this is classic negotiation. a lot of us think that from the sidelines.
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two sis are so far part if you split the difference and cut in the middle that's where we end up. do you believe that and what does that make the final destination? >> if i had to predict, yes they will cut the baby in half. the problem cutting the babies in half is no fun if you're the baby and the american taxyer is the baby in this analogy right here. we'll get some agreement where i bet marginal tax rates do go up. the total cost of govement will go up and we'll take a step closer to becoming a failed european welfare state. it is a question how many years before we hit our own greek-style fiscal collapse. melissa: you're absolutely right. i am glad you brought up the point negoation beuse we'll do that next. dan, thank you for coming o the show. we appreciate it. melissa: now that gop put a proposal for a economic plan will president obama take a hard-line approach with the negotiations? here to help me with this is mark, founder of max sports and entertainment. mark negotiating tens of
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millions of dollars for clients in sports and entertainment world. we're watching this from the sideline. we're saying the same thing dan just said. feels like a classic negotiation. president obama came in negotiating hard from the start. here iwhat i want in tax increases. by the way i will increase in ending on infrastructure just to show starting from a point where he believes he has real strength and will stick it to the other side. what do you think of the counterproposal from republicans. is it strong or looking weaker? >> with any negotiation with the president's side t especially a few weeks ago, maybe you come out and shoot for the top, knowing you may not meet in the middle. i don't know if they will meet and splithe baby. melissa: right. >> do i think you always know at eventually you will have to rear back a little bit towards the middle. melissa: yeah. >> as far as the republicans counter, i think they're trying to at least in certain, especially with government. there is always posturing, right? melissa: right. >> partly it is posturing
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hey, we're willing to talk. here's what we're thinking to at least try to jump-start this as the clock continues to kick. melissa: when you look at the nuances what is going on in the media, yesterday everybody was tv. calling each other names. >> othe morning shows. melissa: this is pretty normal for a tough negotiation. >> yeah. melissa: do you believe, given your expertise in this field there is a lot of talk going on behindd the scenes, there is no talk going on behind the scenes? >> i think there is nonstop chatter behind the scenes. melissa: from both sides to each other making progress? really? >> yes. dispatch the lieutenants in this case because it is president of the united states and speaker boehner and what not of the as i said you send out your feelers behind the scenes for back rm discussions if not negotiations that the erican public is never going to berivy too of course. melissa: yeah. >> i would be very surprised if that wasn't going on because the magnitude of what this means to this country and the economy of this country is so profound that i would be shocked if,
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that there is --. melissa: well, i don't know. you're going back to giving them a lot of credit. i'm not sure i'm willing to go there with you. what do you think of tte fact boboth sides come out instantly after an offer is that it is terrible? president obama was out here, blink of the eye after republicans came out with their plan to say this is not in the spirit. >> today you're talking about? messa: yeah, today. what does that tell you? should we read anything into at or is that -- >> again i wl liken it to there are plenty o people far more ucated on this than i but from a negotiation standpoint i think again it is a lot out posturing. sending out your feelers. melissa: right. >> and seeing what the other side's rponse is to that and kind of figuring out what's the quasi-middle kbround. lissa: yeah. >> that is what the president is doing here, saying this isn't in the spirit what we'retrying to accomplish. melissa: right. >> but for the president from what i can see, getting
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this behind him and getting this settled starts e next term of his presidency. melissa: so if you were advising him what would you tell him to do next in order to win this? how many days would you want him to wait? how tough would you want him to come back with a counter proposal or no counter proposal at all from pure negotiating? >> the interesting part, i think this does play in busine --. melissa: oh, sure. >> we're in the midst of the holiday season. i don't know when congrs shuts down for the year but that's coming. melissa: right. they have the holiday but then they have until the first of the year ostensibly to get this deal done. >> two quasi-deadlines you will. i think certainly it really depends who the pressure is on more. melissa: okay. >> in any negotiation ultimately. for me it us about the client. i have to do what is best for the client and the president being the house so to say, he is the company. he has to --. melissa: wt if he doesn't want us to go over the cliff whatdoes he do next?
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what advice would you give him? >> wow, if he doesn't want to go over the cliff come january 1st, start putting out there the areas where he is more willing to come wards the middle ground. melissa: okay. >> whatever they are. melissa: in the next couple days if we, hear nothing from him he probably wants to go over the cliff and think is will be better. >> he feels he is better off. melia: keep that in mind as i watch the back and forth. very interesting stuff. >> thank you. melissa: t u.s. is the world's fracking king but other countries are plotting to steal its crown. how can the u.s. protect its competitive edge? we have details coming next. the mighty mississippi is running dry. water leve are plunging towa historic lows. the blow back for consumers in food prices could only be beginning. this is a huge story you're not hearing about. we'll explain it. more coming up.
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♪ . melissa: a little madonna. the u.s. is the world's fracking king but rival nations are scrambling to steal its crown. a slew of countries have huge shale deposits however
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dethroning the u.s. is proving far harder than expected. stephen schork, editor of the schork report and joins to us explain. stephen, thanks for coming back to the show. >> it is great to be here, thank you. melissa: we make it looo very easy but when i look at the various countries we're taing about and the challenges they're running into it is harder than you think. for example, china is believed to have more shale and oil and gas deposits than us but they don't have enough water to make it work, right? >> that is exactly the case. lack of water in dense populated areas. the fight is toet to drink the water and use water to break up the rocks to get gas to the market. it is quite cumbersome for both china and elsewhere in the globe, melissa. when it comes down here who owns the mineral rights. here in the united states a greater segment of the market owns the mineral rights. for example here in nnsylvania, marcellus shale, landowners get to share in the profits of
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fracking that is going on. you don't have that elsewhere. you have greater government ownership of mineral rights. this is the government we're talking about. so it is cumbersome, it is expensive in the form of both taxes and royalalty regime. in the case of a situation like argentina which nationalized its gas companies, you have the issue of attracting outside investors at this point. melissa: well, i don't understand. if the government owns the mineral rights why don't they want to develop it? it would be revenue for them and every government needs money to spend? >> well, indeed. now when you have a case like the united states, it's a matter where your ideology runs down to. the state of north dark has tremendous resources taking advantage of it has 3.1% of it. california which take as opposite view on taking molecules and oil out of the ground has 10%nemployment. so we are on the cusp here of a manufacturing renaissance in certain parlths of the country. the problem -- parts of
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country. the government is dictating to the market what can be brought to t market. for example, france, belgium, outlawed fracking. melissa: wow. >> in years to come they will be more dependent on imports of natural gas. japan in the wake fukushima is now downgrading its nuclear industry. in the future it will be become more dependent on these resources. the united states is embracing these resources so we're the united states and canada, for that matter are moving towards energy independence, europe and parts of asia are --. melissa: moving towards being more dependent. the problem china is having with the water is something we were suffering from this summer in the drought as well. is there a solution for that coming down the road? is there a way for recycled water for fracking instead of drinking? s seems like somebody would fix that problem? >> again this is part of the environmental concerns and are fantastic being brought to the fore, the industry
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here in north america is coming greater scrutiny. this technology has been around for 30 years. it is proven to be safe, but the greater the technology the better. keep in mind natural gas well more than $100 a barrel 10 years ago. it is the old addage. high prices are the best cure for high prices. in t past 10 years we brought the technology along where we have this abundance of gas. clearly with the environmental concerns the industry will certainly solve the problem. the profit mode is just too great. melissa: lete ask you about poland. it was one of the most promising plays early on, when they went in and looked around they didn't have as much resources than they thought that is pretty unusual. i found covering this industry for years generally people underestimate what's there. so in this case they overestimated. what happened? >> well, i thinkight here compared tthe united states, we've been punching holes in the fwroupd for the past 15, 20, 30 years. so we have a fairly good idea of the geology. this is all a geology play.
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so with regards to poland they started punching a few holes. the return on investment was not there initially. so now they're pulling back. this is just a tremendous resource. i have to imagine that down the road there is going to be further investment. now it a comes down to here in the united states it's geology. we know the geology. we do have a stable government. so therefore it is easy to attract the financing. so the finance is going into these plays. in poland it is a wait-and-see game at this point. melissa: stephen, hank you so much. fascinating stuff. >> thanks, melissa. melissa: time for today's fuel gauge report. natural gas prices fell for the fourth straight day. weather forecasts for the midwest and northeast are abe normal lowering expectations. california governor jerry brown must do more to clarify the cost of green energy policies. the commission warns they could hit bunesses and consumers with unnecessarily
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high electricity prices. remember, state utilities mu get one-third of their energy from renewable resources by 2020. that is going to cost you money. bp announcing it will significan increase spending on oil exploration and development. it will spend between 24 and $27 billion a year from 2014 until 2020. bp spent about 19 billion on e&p last year. france's total made a fresh discovery in the northeast. the well has 25 to 75 million barrels of oil. the find is raising hopes there is more oil nearby. ssissippi river water levels shrink towards historic lows, leaving consumers and workers potentially soaked. one of the river's barge operators explains exactly how bad it could get. that is coming up next. plus, as if things in the middle east weren't dire enough, syria's regime reportedly moves its
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stockpiles of chemical weapons, spiking fears it is preparing to use them. the u.s. says it is ready to act. details coming up. do you ever have too much money? ♪ .
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♪ . melissa: the mighty mississippi might on kipping -- dipping into crisis levels. low water levels are threatening toe halt traffic on the nation's busiest waterway which could have a impact on consumers. $7 billion in goods like co and petroleum are shipped ang the river during just december and january. joing me with more on t potential fallout, the owner of golding barring line. austin, welcome back to the
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show. i was surprised to hear about this. do you feel like this is getting a lot of attention that this is going on now? >> i think it is starting to pick up attentio recently but this is problem we would like to see what potential this issue. it has major consequences for this country. melissa: with no rain at all the river's historic low could be reached december 22nd? what does that mean? with those not standing near it all the time how big of a crisiss this? >> well it has actually gotten, the situation is more dire than that. on december 10th in st. louis it could possibly reach a level of five 1/2 feet. that would tralate into the area in missouri there are exposed rock pinnacles, which would impede transit of any motor vehicles and vessels traveling into the waterway. we're looking for a complete shut down ofhat area. a lot of river has muddy and sandy bottoms and channel
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with sustained low water has been drug out by the current. we have a fixed bottom in this area occupied by rock pinnacles. this will prove to be impasseable by any boats and barges. it will effectively close the river in this area. melissa: is there anything anyone can do or is it up just to a raindance and praying for the wetory change? >> well rain would certainly help. what we've asked for is a formal declaration of an emergency by the president and by team -- fema that would expedite the process to bla some of the rock pinnacles out with dine mitt that would make the area passable. we're facing a lower water situation coupled by the water flowing out of the missouri river which is a huge, huge tributary to the upper mississippi area, is now being reduced even further. so you have a drought situation. also coupled by the fact that flows being reduced out of missouri with a fixed ttom sticking point south of where the flows end up in
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mississippi. melissa: it is so dangerous to depend on the federal government for anything. we have learned that in our area with superstorm sandy. is there anything you can do locally to make a difference? do you have to wait for the president to give you money and declare this state or is there anything locally that can be done or privately? >> no. actually, i think federally is wre we're going to have to look to see a solution to this problem. that and t the sky for rain. we need this process of blasting these rock pinnacles to be expedited as fast as possible. we need more water to be released out of the missouri river and missouri river basin and we'll need more rain otherwise it will be huge economic impact to the american consumer. melissa: let's talk about that. besides the fact this is pretty astounding and a lot of us don't know it is going on it will ultimately impact us because if there are $7 billion worth of goods going through this area that has a domino effect to the rest of the country interms of prices. what could we expect to see in the rest of the country? >> i think what you can see
12:30 am
as direct example is you have an area already been affected by drought. so that affect as lot of crop yields. now what you're seeing this area already has been affected. the crops that they did harvest are being restricted or delayed or not even being able to be moved southbound anyway. you have the low yield crop moving south. what the hidden problem, the fertiliz needs to go north to get ready for next year's crop is not able to do that either. you have commodities crisis in the center that goes north and south as far as imports and exports affecting both of them. the coal not moving south. or petroleum and crude oil moving south to be refined. normally a lot of things we touch in everyday life will be threatened by this. melissa: you need god or federal government to come to the rescue. i know who i would belt on those two. austin, thanks for coming on. keep us posted. serious chemical weapons stockpiles are on the move raising fears the assad regime is prepared to deploy
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phem against rebels. the u.s. says it is ready to take action if it does. will this unravel mideast already on the brink? details coming up next. us would you sell away your name for anntire year? one florida man is doing exactly that. he is sparking a bidding war between companies that want it. he will explain. "piles of money" comingup. ♪ . we got married. had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, andallet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. , as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on e schedule.
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>> i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of a credible evidence that assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people but suffice it to say we are certainly planning to take action if that entualty were occur. melissa: secretary of state hillary clinton responding to reports syria's regime is moving its stockpiles of chemical weapons and there is new word that syria is combining chemicals to make deadly sarin gas. would its use be enough to push unraveling middle east over the edge? for insight we turn tt britte gabriel, terrorism expert and president of act for america. welcome to the show.
12:36 am
>> thank you, melissa. melissa: this is certainly frightening news and frightening reports. from what you've seen do you think this is what syria is doing? >> syria is moving chemical weapons in a way they have not done before. they usually move these things around but the activities of the last 48 hours show they are up to something and the concern here is that bashar assad says if he goes down he will take the whole middle east down with him and i believe his last resort will be using chemical weans in, if in fact he is losing. the rebels in the last 48 hours gained really good ground against the assad regime and there were reports that came out of syria yesterday, two different reports said, some said he died. another one said he fledded country. melissa: great. >> neitr report is confirmed. if this is a fact he is losing he will not hesitate and use chemical weapons
12:37 am
against his own people. melissa: wow, on the way out. >> yes. melissa: what would be the impact be on the region? what physical and what do you think are the dominos that fall after that? >> it is going to be devastating to his people. it will be devastating to the, basically the muslim brotherhood that is rising in syria to topple the regime. then again, let's remember it will be an islamic regime rising just like what we saw in egypt because these are the rebels fighting against him. if he in fact uses chemical weapons against his people, no matter what the united states does, if we retaliate it would be irrelevant at that point. the damage would have been done. as a result we will have a new islamic regime in syria rising that will take over like what happens in egypt. we will see egypt coming to work with the syrians and trying to help set up a new government. melissa: that es not sound good for, you know, western interests in the middle east. it seems like these
12:38 am
countries are falling like dominoes, turning away from democracy and turning away from the west. this would be just another instance. how devastating is this to us and is there any way to stop ? >> it is very bad. the arab spring translates into america and the west's winter and we're already seeing the results. we've been warning about this, terrorism analysts for the last two years. now we're seeing everything we warned about coming to fruition. the reason it is very bad in syria we'll not have another more moderate movement replacing the assad regime. we'll have a more radical movement replacing the assad regime, which is creating a islamic radical bloc that believes in sharia law, oppresng women and oppressinguman rights and rising who believe it is their right and duty to fight israel and eliminate the state of israel. israel will have enemies on
12:39 am
the syrian border, lebanese border, gaza the south and egypt and sinai are fighting israel and shelling israel. if we come back to israel's aid it is very bad for israel and america at the same time. melissa: a lot of people said when the arab spring was coming to fruition, this was a wonderful day and new day for democracy in the middle east. there were a few voices at that time said hang on, the guys coming in to replace them are even mored are call than what we saw. this is actually moving in the opposite direction than you think. how did that happen? why did hat happpn because it is continuing? >> because americ and president obama's administration ignored the warning signs and what the muslim brotherhood and what radicals are about. when president obama first becameme president and he went to egypt and gave his first address, his first speech in cairo, in ept, he made it a point to invite the muslim brotherhood to the chagrin
12:40 am
of the mubarak regime. he insisted that the muslim brotherhood would be sitting in two front seats addressing his speech. that gave them a importance in power gaining respect of america and the support of america. america miscalculated as to who they were supporting in the middle east and they continue this miscalculation right now and unless we wake up and really make a drastic change in our foreign policy america will pay a heavy price down the road. melissa: yeah, dramatic conclusion. thank you so much for coming on. i hope you come back. >> thank you. have a great day. melissa: what's in a name? well apparently $35,000 and counting. one man raking it in for auctioning off his name for an entire year. he is here to explain his brilliant scheme. i love it! it is coming u next. at the end of the day it is all about mney and your
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name apparently [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cae an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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♪ . melissa: talk about naming your price?
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one florida man is auctioning off his name to the highest bidder. that's right. jason sadler, the founder of is subletting his last name for a year. might be renting. the auction isn't over but already fetching tens of thousands of dollars. well-done. he joins me in a foxes bill exclusive. jason i have to applaud your entrepreneural spirit. this is fantastic but i want to know, because i have a book out there i'm trying to sell, diary of a stage mortgage's daughttr. if i bid and name you diary of a stage mortgage's daughter, what are you going to do with that other than walking around with it on your new driver's license? what do i get? >> get the satisfaction of owning my last name for a year. melissa: okay. >> you get to, you get to have my name changed legally in florida, changed on twitter. i'm a verified account just like yourself, on facebook, on my personal blog and through the rest of 2013, all my press bilines i appear, my name woulde
12:46 am
jason, whatever you want it to be. melissa: how many followers do you have? how can i possiy quanti and assess what that is porth? >> it is intereing. i have over 40,000 followers on twitter right now. 20,000 fans on friends on facebook between two accounts. i have personal blog i get a company website and i write for other press outlets. my name is talked about out there. one of those things it is very interesting story i think and it will continue to be talked about. people will remember this going forward. we'll have that lasting impact as well. >> was impressed. this isn't your first idea like this. of course since 2008 you earned half a million dollars dog sufficient like this. you have done work for doritos, peppridge farm, pizza hut, bill cosby. what is the craziest thing you done that worked out and really sold something? >> oh, man. the t-shirt crazy thing putting myself out there to let brand and compaes want
12:47 am
to be using marketing in a unique way. nissan was a big one for us. we got the nissan juke in 2010 before anybody else in the world did. before they were for sale. we took them to the local dealerships. have you seen this yet? wait, how do you have that car? companies find us. they want our high engaged audience to consume their content, their product, their book, whatever it is. we launched apps last week. we're constantly doing fun stuff. melissa: new media is what it is all about and you've got your finger on the pulse so i'm pretty interested. what is the bidding like so far? how much will i have to spend and how much is the competition? >> the bidding started zero dollars on december 1st. jumped up to $21,000 in the first 48 hours which is awesome. my last name has been a couple realtors. my freshman roommate wanted to name me something inappropriate i won't say on tv a busiman had a bid on there. before the na currently, i
12:48 am
have nine days left for the dding whh is wiggety bang games. this is hilarious board game company. $34,500 is a bid. this is marketing opportunity for a year across social media, regular media. it will get a lot exposures. melissa: bidding ends de12th which happens to be my birthday. there are a lot of tie-ins. >> come on. melissa: i'm really tempted. $35,000 lot of money. they don't pay menough. i see my name on clever t-shirt. is there any limits? is there anything you won't do? refuse to change your name to something profane? where do you put your foot down? >> there were a couple of ds i have to say no thank you. nothing political, or religious or pornographic. i'm not selling out. i'm not doing this so i could have the most amount of money and i have no shame. i want to be living with this and proud of it. i want to go to the delta
12:49 am
check out counter and say my name is jason --. melissa: diary of a step another's daughter. >> you have that birthday. that is serendipity. melissa: it would be barrassing for you to be a stage mother's daughter. that would be tough but you would do it. it is right on the line? >> that is the thing i carry around the book. hey, this is my last name. there is purpose t this. melissa: yeah. >> you will spend your marketing dollars somewhere. why not ony last name. melissa: i will send the segment to my publisher. this may be my new favore guest. before it was vacuum cleaner guy selling million dollar vacuum. i think this guy unseated him. here is the question of the day, would you sublet your name or rent it for $34,500 a year? that is a lot of money like us on or follow me on melissa a, diary of a stage mother's
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daughter or melissaafrancis. maybe i should change my name. never mind we'll work on that later. what happens when an adult acts like jaws than flipper? this stunning video is coming up next. you can never have too much money. ♪ .
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melissa: it's time boyle laughlin with spare change. today we are joined by elizabh macdonald and frazier's itel, president ceoof emerald partners. vicarage joining yes. first up, well, although i shouldot say that. this one is crazy. in 8-year-old girl was feedng -- look at that. beating the dolphins as the world in orlando when this happened. the girl suffered three puncture wounds to her hand and she said -- it is hard to watch that. she is fine. she says she has forgiven the dolphin, even praying for it night. a while. what you think of that? i take my kids to see world. they love the dolphins. i have wondered house if this is. >> i was scared an upset far under family and i like that the parents opposed to the video online.
12:55 am
animals are bng animals. dublin the animal. the annals of just being animals . i like to she prayed for the dolphin. that was sweet. melissa: isn't that crazy? when i saw the video i could not believeit. i can't imagine being a parent you was there. when they describe the incident and say it was like it was no big deal, but with the video y see how shocking. >> it is never a good marketing gimmicks to have a visitor bitten by the animal. and sea world has a problem because they have had problems with its trainer being killed a couple years ago. any -- yet, with liz. in the edge in te comany that encourages visitors to feed the animals has a problem. this is why when i come to fox i ver offered to mr. bill o'reilly. >> you're rigt. melissa: that is very wise. next up, this one is no surprise. back in big trouble again. this time it's with that taxman.
12:56 am
the irs announced it is ceasing lohan as bank accounts to repair massive debts. celebrity historians, corroded check for 100 grand a cover taxes in 2009. she still owed money. what do you think about this? she has such a huge debts. the hotel to mustachios than a zillion dollars, but she's out there making money. >> you know you're not in good shape if you're going for tax advice to charlie sheen. there seems to me, this girl has been in rehab five times. she is completely troubled. u're the expert on tagger moms and celebrity oppressive parents. her father and mother, seems to me from everything you hear, are just awful. melissa: she is an adult now. she is to take control of a li. >> she needs help. >> i love lindsay lohan.
12:57 am
of a fan. she was a great actress. great actors to actors in the parent trap and mean girls. i think this is dangerous ground. you side with willie nelson, nicolas cage. melissa: the irs is after you. >> they are relentless. they will not stop. melissa: maybe it is just what she needs. maybe it's like going over the fiscal clef. behalf to get very serious very quickly. >> and gets good acting jobs. the dow get the job. they spend a lot of money. melsa: it's another spending problem. spending too much money. you have to give the starter. melissa: moving on to something that is surprising. its first light-water question on december 12th. why you going to upo? >> i'm going task, can you explain guy in 140 words. what you think of the warm
12:58 am
ristmas. melissa: what do you think? >> this is what happens. this is ot a great personality. so this is terrific for him.3 surprising. you'd think a guy would have a great personality. it. melissa: you would think. >> is following the most personality conscious pulp and history, pope john paul the second. friendly and funny. -e was a skier. the public on the slope. >> this has the and i pulp. melissa: what i wonder, is he really going to be tweeting for himself? everyone says that. >> lindsay lohan financial advice. >> siesta worried about how his words d translated. >> to seek feel more compelled to be more honest? >> 140 words. melissa: maybe we will ask him what is on his christmas list. we will see. melissa: to see really have to
12:59 am
where those red shoes? now we are moving across the pond. kate is pregnant. of zero start. admitted to hospital today with a severe morning sickness. he would like to have two children. held many do you think th couple will have? >> a beautiful name. i love it. perfect. absolutely. having severe warning to of morning sicess. >> it was not morning sickness. hypergamy says gravedigger room melissa: fancy morning sickness. >> that's how the issue press releases. melissa: i love it. i think it's still morning sickness. >> this is the best thing because th have been trying to figure way to submerge thse photos, these topless photos of her in


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